Official Bio

Kegan Fisher is an entrepreneur, maker and writer. After graduating from Pratt Institute with a Bachelors of Industrial Design, Kegan co-founded Design Glut in 2006 where she got her feet wet with 3D printing and took beloved products to market like EggPants and Hookmaker

After four years at Design Glut Kegan joined Shapeways, the leading 3DP manufacturing platform and marketplace, as their Director of Industrial Engineering. While at Shapeways she built and ran The Factory of the Future in Long Island City.


Kegan left Shapeways in 2013 to found SOLS: technology driven solutions to improve the fit and function of footwear. SOLS was acquired by Aetrex Worldwide, Inc. in February 2017. 

Outside her own endeavors, Kegan actively works with hardware and design focused founders and start-ups. She serves as a mentor at Techstars and the R/GA Accelerator and advises companies such as Jewelbots, SkyMD, and Metamason. She sits on the advisory board of Manucore and Harvard Ventures.

Kegan is a recognized industry leader in footwear, 3D printing, and mass-customization.