Kegan Fisher

Building a Better Tomorrow

I'm an entrepreneur, maker and writer obsessed with all things 3D. I turn ideas into business models, sketches into forms, and prototypes into products. I've spent the past ten years learning how to start things, fail fast, win big and do it all over again.  Think I can be helpful?




Official Bio

Kegan has a passion for bringing nascent technology to the leading edge of consumer product design. At Shapeways —the premier marketplace for 3d printed products—Kegan built The Factory of the Future in Long Island City. Most recently, Kegan founded SOLS, a custom insole startup leveraging computer vision, machine learning, and 3d printing. SOLS was acquired by Aetrex Worldwide in 2017. 


Kegan has been recognized on Forbes ‘30 Under 30’ list for 2015 and .inc Magazine's ’30 Under 30’ list for 2015. She has been featured in Business Insider's ‘30 Most Important Women under 30 in Tech’ list. Kegan holds a B.S. in industrial design and manufacturing from the Pratt Institute.

Kegan actively works with design and hardware focused founders. She serves as a mentor at Techstars and sits on the advisory board of Manucore and Harvard Ventures.